Vision and Mission


To honor and preserve our past by continuing to improve the appearance and revitalization of the central business district and by promoting the entire community, residential, commercial, and industrial; through community teamwork, promotions and marketing.


To create an economic environment in Aledo utilizing our historic downtown allowing old and new businesses to complement each other and flourish.  The revitalized downtown includes a variety of retail shops, service businesses and upper story developments, is supported by a coordinated technological infrastructure and exhibits enthusiasm for entrepreneurs and customers.  We will enjoy new and continuing streetscape projects, including new awnings, green space, benches, lighting, etc; and environment to share with friends, neighbors and visitors.  This will all be accomplished through an enthusiastic volunteer group, including business owners, citizens, community leaders, etc. who will maintain the momentum of this vision by implementing promotions, fundraisers and proving input to a full-time director of the Aledo Main Street program.

Aledo Main Street Bylaws