Welcome to Aledo Main Street

Welcome to Aledo! We hope you’ll enjoy a visit to our rural farm community soon to experience our hometown charm, 19th century architecture and slower pace. Aledo, Illinois, with a population of 3,700 is centrally located in Mercer County, about 160 miles west of Chicago and about 45 minutes south of the Quad Cities. Founded in 1855, Aledo is the County Seat of historical Mercer County.

A stroll down Main Street, or through our historic residential neighborhoods, is an architectural history tour, as our town looks much like it did at the turn of the century. Since Aledo is the county seat, the 19,000 residents of Mercer County travel here to shop and conduct business. One trip to Aledo can accomplish a great deal since Aledo has much to offer. The historic downtown business district, located just off the main route of Illinois 17 and 94 is one of which we are justly proud. Spend time browsing through our antique stores, specialty shops and cafes. In 2002, Lt. Governor Corinne Wood designated Aledo as Illinois’ newest Main Street Community.

Aledo is rich in history and there are several opportunities to experience that history first hand. You can have a truly unique bed and breakfast experience at the historic former Mercer County Jail turned into The Slammer Great Escape Bed and Breakfast. In addition, Aledo boasts Mercer County’s oldest family entertainment center with the century old Aledo Opera House. Current, feature-length movies are being presented in the Opera House which was built in 1904 and restored in 2002. You can also step back in time and tour the Mercer County Courthouse. This grand building, built in 1894, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Aledo is home of the Essley-Noble Museum, Rhubarb Festival, Blue Grass Festival, the 150 year old Mercer County Fair, Antique Days, and the Mercer County Speedway.

Aledo is just 45 minutes south of the Quad Cities. Follow Hwy. 67 south from Milan, Illinois, turn west at the stoplight in Viola on to Route 17 which will take you directly to Aledo. If you enjoy a small town atmosphere, a trip to Aledo will be like coming home.


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